• 15-Passenger Van Safety

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    Driving a van is not like driving a car. 15-passenger vans are more susceptible to rollovers, blind spots, weight distribution issues and special handling requirements. Take this course to learn the things you need to know about driving a 15-passenger van so you can prevent avoidable collisions and injuries. Make sure you and your passengers reach your destination. Ideal learners: 15-passenger van drivers.
  • Cyber Security Awareness

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    People, information, operations and systems are critical assets of an organization. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity and availability of these assets is essential to maintaining profitability, compliance, public image and a competitive edge. Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. This course will explain what the dangers are and what you can do to help. Ideal learners include all employees.
  • Distracted Driving

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    When you are driving, taking your eyes and mind off the road for even a few seconds can result in an accident. By failing to give full attention to the road, distracted drivers put themselves, their passengers and everyone else on the road at risk. This course presents strategies drivers can use to remain focused on the road. It is ideal for all drivers.
  • Driving in Todays World - Is Your Mind on the Road, CNA-PS4 eLesson

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    In this lesson we will focus on several common causes and scenarios concerning vehicle accidents including rear-ending others, changing lanes, turning left, intersection and distracted driving. After taking this course you will; know how to avoid rear-ending accidents, prevent accidents when changing lanes or turning. You will also understand how to avoid being distracted while driving.
  • Access to CNA SORCE On Demand site and courses are for CNA Insurance active policy holders only.

    If interested in learning more about CNA, visit www.cna.com
  • Driver Performance Training Solutions Category

    Easy selection for driver training needs.  By understanding how auto exposures affect your bottom line, and how desired driving behaviors can help you manage your commercial auto fleet risk, you can position your business for greater success. CNA is here to help, explore the Driver Performance Training Solutions Category for additional training resources. Search additional resources on Fleet & Driver management at www.cna.com/d

  • Confined Space - New OSHA Rule

    Courses to meet your Confined Space training needs:
     - Mini Module - Confined Space Hazards Version 2
     - Confined Space Hazards Version 3
     - Mini Module - Construction Confined Spaces Version 2
     - Confined Space Hazards for Construction Version 3

  • Cyber Security Awareness - Are You Protected?

    Cyber security is everyone's responsibility.  This course designed for employees will explain what dangers are and what can be done to help reduce loss potential.

    Course can be found under Cyber Security category.

OSHA and Safety Online Courses 

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